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Saving the bees with eBay Germany

Wildlife in general is suffering from human-induced environmental change. Bees and insects in urban areas are particularly affected. For the spring campaign of eBay Germany, we came up with a concept to raise awareness on the issue through a public event in Berlin and a social media campaign. Passersby helped raise money for bees by participating in an interactive game that turned them into bees, ladybugs, and caterpillars fighting the environmental threats in the city. The video we produced for the campaign created more than 2 million impressions for eBay.de’s Facebook and Instagram.
0 bees were harmed
2.000.000 clicks in one day

Breathing life, soul, and creativity into a space at Futurium, Berlin

Futurium is an ambitious new space in Berlin that combines art with technology and design. We were asked to design the experience for one of the floors, as an area to encourage creativity.
681 shouting children
3.429 worms were made

We created a fully immersive onboarding space for Factory Berlin

A vibrant space where the unexpected happens. Step inside and take a ride on the Rainbow road, tear down the Berlin Wall, swim with virtual dolphins. Ready? Then Grab your bananas and unpeel into another dimension.
472 bananas were eaten
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