Client: Factory Berlin

Turning a room into a 360 interactive display

How can we help transform Factory Berlin—an already lively co-working space—into a place where creative energy is free to materialise? Together with Riverside Studios, we developed an immersive experience space with 360 audio visuals & real time interaction. A vibrant space where unexpected things happen.

You have to change your environment and change the questions you’re asking... and then all of a sudden you have a whole new world.

Moco Schiller (Director and Co-founder at NEEEU)

Injecting spaces with wonder

The 360 XR Room is an open interactive experience space, with immersive audio, visuals & interactivity. Located at the entrance of Factory Berlin, Görlitzer Park, the interactive experience premiered at Factory’s Creative Code event on May 29th 2019 and is now part of the on-boarding process for all Factory members.

As you enter through a set of authentic U-Bahn doors, the walls light up in a flurry of immersive animations that respond to your movements. You are handed a banana-controller—an homage to Andy Warhol—to navigate and unpeel through the layers of Factory network’s collective unconscious. Step inside and tear down the Berlin Wall. Take a ride on the Rainbow road. This is a platform not just for now, but adaptable for future collaborations with artists and makers from across the world.

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