Self Commision: Orbeat

A Fun And Collaborative Musical Instrument In Augmented Reality

OrBeat is an augmented reality sequencer that makes creating a musical piece fun and collaborative. It opens to everyone the possibility of becoming a musical composer! Choose your sounds: from drums and lead to bass. Place these sounds in augmented space and listen back to your amazing compositions!

Augmented music. Together.

We have been experimenting with spatial sound for a long time and we have previously released an app, Aero One, that investigates AR and music. This time we also wanted to explore collaboration, and, as per usual, we added a sprinkle of surprise and magic.

We always like to share our experiments with the larger public in a playful way, so that we can collectively reimagine the interactions between humans and emerging technologies, like AR. The question: what is the future of collaborative music according to you?

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