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Helping DLR redesign phantom limb pain treatment
NEEEU helped the German Aerospace Center develop an innovative solution for the treatment of phantom limb pain.
Client: Humboldt Forum
A Meaningful Design for the Humboldt Forum Visitor Guide
As a major new cultural institution at the heart of the German capital, the Humboldt Forum wanted their visitor guide app to be useful, playful, and stand as an example of accessibility.
Client: Museum4punkt0
Exploring New Technologies At The Gemäldegalerie
NEEEU worked with Gemäldegalerie and Museum4punkt0 to pave the way for technology to be implemented in the gallery – from collaboration with curators to the visitor experience. Digitisation without disruption.
Immersive storytelling at the Berlin Natural History Museum
We teamed up with the Mediasphere for Nature team to deliver an augmented reality museum pilot project at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.
Using data to improve sanitation services in Lusaka
NEEEU worked alongside the international NGO Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) to research and test ways in which data could help to improve sanitation services in the city of Lusaka (Zambia).
Client: eBay Germany
Saving The Bees With eBay Germany
Urban bees need our help. So when eBay Germany asked NEEEU to come up with a brand activation concept around the concept of “a happier city” we knew just the right thing to do.
Client: University of Helsinki
Using Virtual Reality To Confront Politicians To Climate Breakdown
Immerse yourself in forest futures! Designed to inform & influence Finnish policy makers, the “Virtual Forest” VR experience explores how current Forestry Management strategies are contributing towards climate breakdown.
Client: Zeit Online
Augmenting Space Exploration History
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing, ZEIT Online asked NEEEU to come up with a fun way to share the exciting story of the first moon landing. The result? A lunar lander in your garden...
Turning A Room Into A 360 Interactive Display
A vibrant space where the unexpected happens. Step inside and take a ride on the Rainbow road, tear down the Berlin Wall, swim with virtual dolphins. Ready? Then Grab your bananas and unpeel into another dimension.
Breathing Life, Soul, And Creativity Into A Space
We were asked to design an interactive experience for the Futurium, an ambitious new space in Berlin that combines art, technology and design.The large room on the lower floor—the Futurium Lab—needed a center piece that would inspire visitors to engage with the space and get creative. Kids and grownups love this one!
Client: Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe
Envisioning Future Context-Aware Mobility Services
Volkswagen Group Future Center approached NEEEU to investigate how smart devices might relate to mobility services in a future of self-driving vehicles.
Client: ONOMO
Designing A Compass That Points To Your Destination
How can a navigation tool provide a feeling of freedom, discovery and adventure while still guiding users to their destination?
Client: Sensible Object
Adding An Augmented Layer To The Best Connected Game Of 2018
We developed an AR extension for “Beasts of Balance” that lets players record and share videos of their game, and turn their physical creations into a vibrant augmented world.
Self commission: AERO ONE
Playing Augmented Reality music out of thin air.
As part of our ongoing exploration of the interaction possibilities of augmented reality, we released Aero One: an app that lets you place virtual instruments and audio recordings in space. Wave your phone like a virtual drumstick and hear the music come out of thin air!
Self commission: ORBEAT
A fun and collaborative musical instrument in Augmented Reality
OrBeat is a fun and collaborative augmented reality sequencer! An AR app that allows everyone the chance to be a musical composer! Choose your own sounds: from the drums, to lead and bass. Place them in augmented space and listen back to your amazing compositions.
Self commission: Spaghetti AR
A Pastacular Augmented Reality Prototyping App
Rapid prototyping Augmented Reality content can be challenging so we built a tool to make the process easier. Spaghetti AR lets you quickly draw, sculpt, and place virtual content in the physical space around you.
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